22 juin 2013
posted by dbouffard - 06/26/13

L'exposition "Peinture extrême - L'objet peinture" dans la Gazette

Painting Project heads to extremes in second phase - A catalogue of artists’ concerns and issues
By John Pohl, The Gazette, 21 juin  2013

 MONTREAL - The paintings may be more extreme at Galerie de l’UQAM’s Painting Project than the Extreme Painting exhibitions taking place in 20 of Montreal’s private galleries this summer, but time will tell where the most challenging art will be seen.

Part 2 of UQAM’s Painting Project has opened and the exhibition of single works by 31 artists from across Canada is the closing chapter of a research project meant to catalogue the diversity of concerns and issues that painters are dealing with right now.  ...

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