29 octobre 2013
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Nicolas Ranellucci dans la Gazette:

Exhibition gives aboriginal culture a remix
 By John Pohl
MONTREAL -- As the title implies, Beat Nation: Art, Hip Hop and Aboriginal Culture — the new exhibition at the Musée d’art contemporain — is a mix of cultural practices old and new. Traditional music and art forms get a contemporary remake that a streetwise generation of artists uses to powerful effect.

Nicolas Ranellucci walks the thin line between abstraction and representation in his solo exhibition at Galerie Dominique Bouffard in paintings that suggest concrete things, and have titles like Le Marin (autoportrait).

Ranellucci was a finalist in the 2012 RBC Canada-wide painting competition, represented by a work in a naive style concerned with rituals and the occult. His colours have mellowed and his imagery has become more ambiguous. The submerging of occult references ironically makes his imagery more powerful as he asserts the role of form and the materiality of paint.

The edges of his paintings are lines that work as curtains. The intention is “to cut the image to show the paint” and create vibrations between the colours, Ranellucci said in an interview.

The self-portrait as a sailor is not about portraiture, he said. He identifies himself with a fictional character who goes on a sea voyage in an effort to change his life.

Clair obscur: L’Inquisition des barbares, works by Nicolas Ranellucci, continues to Nov. 10 at Galerie Dominique Bouffard, 1000 Amherst St., Suite 101. For more information, visit

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