THE SUBURBAN - Elaine Despins: The Sea Inside
posted by dbouffard - 11/15/07

Octobre 2007

« ...Some people say painting is dead. « Painting is finished », said former Montreal artist Darryl Legge. « It died when Jackson Pollock began to throw it all over the place. »
As far as Legge is concerned, nothing new has happened in painting since Pollock and other abstract expressionists blazed their way through New York's post-war art scene.
« Painting is going to become a classical art form like ballet », he said. « How can you do something new when it's all been done before? »
But after seeing The Sea Inside, Montreal artist Elaine Despins's new exhibition on display in Dominique Bouffard's Amherst street gallery, some critics could object to Legge's ideas on painting and its immediate future... »

P.A. Sevigny, The Suburban, 17 octobre 2007, p.43 - Lire l'article (Version originale)

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