THE SUBURBAN - Sébastian Maltais' Icarus complex
posted by dbouffard - 04/19/08

«In a world where visual communication has often been reduced to little more than a two-dimensional scrawl, Sébastian Maltais' latest work may be seen by some as the first ligth of a new day for Montral's visual art community.
As a young gallery owner and director, Dominique Bouffard is quickly beginning to make a name for herself as having an eye for young talent in this city. If she continues to hang shows like this one, her gallery will soon join the epicentre of the city's thriving arts community. As for Maltais, if this is the work of a young man at the beginning of his career, this city is going to see lots of good art for a years to come. »

SEVIGNY, P.A., Sébastian Maltais' Icarus complex, THE SUBURBAN, Mercredi, 16 avril 2008, p. 28 - Lire l'article (Version originale)

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